I am taking a write club this semester to learn how to write a good scientific paper. Before the class starting, the lecturer said that this class is for whom having writing difficulties and wanting to write better. As a person not a English native speaker, of course I know I don't write well, and of course I want to write better. So I joined the write club and  started writing. Suprisingly, not only the foreign have problem writing, the native speakers have as much difficulties as us in terms of writing. They may be good at talking, or even giving a formal presentation, but writing is a different thing. During the class, different from all the English writing classes giving for people learning English as a second language I took before, this class is more like the one we all had since elementary school. Don't worry about grammar, but  feel how the  words  sound like.   Keep your hand moving even if you have nothing coming out of your head. Let me try ten min a day of free writing., and see what will happn.

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